Deepana and Pachana(Internal processing of toxins with herbs)

Deepana and Pachana – Internal processing of toxins with herbs

The first stage of Pancha karma involves taking specific herbal preparations and making lifestyle and diet changes known as deepana and pachana. Deepana means rekindling digestion and it involves taking herbs or doing things to improve Agni (digestive and metabolic fire). The popular examples are long pepper as a drug and exercise as a lifestyle modification. Pachana means burning, where specific herbal preparations, diet and lifestyle help to burn the toxins and reduce the inflammation that happened out accumulation of toxins so that body can handle to eliminate the toxins. Examples for pachana include ginger as a drug and fasting as a lifestyle modification. If your toxins are minimal in the body, sometimes this stage would be enough to meet the purpose of cleansing.

At Liv Ayurveda, this stage is planned during the detox consultation (Please tag detox consultation here)with our experienced Ayurveda practitioner. It can also be recommended as a part of your treatment plan during the initial consultation (please tag initial consultation here)or follow-up consultation (please tag follow up consultation here)for your health condition according to your health condition or when your body is ready.


Even though traditionally Deepana and Pachana are considered as the preparation for detox, this stage itself is recommended as detox where toxins are minimal or where the client is unfit for Pancha karma. Contact Liv Ayurveda to know more details about Ayurveda detox with herbs, diet and lifestyle.

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