Virechana(Cleanse Through Purgation)

Virechana - Cleanse Through Purgation

Virechana stands for induced purgation. Purge is considered as the best cleanse for gut and the whole gut is involved in this procedure. After proper lubrication and sweating, herbal combinations are administered according to the imbalance, dosha dominance, body type, season and strength of the individual. As the process of virechana follows the natural movements of the gut, it is practiced more commonly than vamana (emesis).


Dosha targeted: Pitta, pitta associated with kapha

Diseases indicated


Virechana helps to give thorough cleanse for whole gut, balance Pitta, reduce Kapha, eliminate pathogens of gut, boost gut flora, improve gut environment, boost digestive glands, improve digestion, control infection and inflammation, relieve constipation, improve skin health, hormonal balance and mental health.

Home based plan is recommended as a part of your consultation without any extra fees. Basic plan begins from $450.


Instant purge or Virechana known as sudhi (which means ‘to cleanse’) is one of the most common Pancha karma procedure practiced throughout the world. Usually, instant purge is recommended at the beginning of an Ayurveda treatment. This is done when the accumulation of toxins is quite severe or the gut movement is too slow. Here the purge is administered without any lubrication or steam or any other preparations. At Liv Ayurveda we recommend instant purge wherever required.

Begins from $99