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Panchakarma Detox Sydney

Ayurveda Detox/ Panchakarma

If healing and wellbeing is a journey, Ayurvedic consultations are the steering of that journey. Ayurveda considers health as the complete wellbeing of body, mind, emotions and spirit. When the doshas (functional factors/ humours) are in balance, we are healthy and any imbalance can lead into problems leading to diseases.

Ayurveda offers one of the most safe, elaborate and effective detox therapies known as Panchakarma. As part of our daily life, we produce wastes and unnecessary by products in the body. If the body fails to eliminate and/ or process the wastes timely, they can accumulate in the system.

Ayurveda Massage Treatment Sydney

Ayurvedic Massage Treatments

Ayurveda Spa Treatment Sydney

Ayurveda Spa

A healing touch can create wonders in the body. When combined with right herbs, oils and techniques, massages can bring substantiate healing in the body. This is an ultimate form of care on the biggest organ in the body with millions of nerve endings, blood vessels, glands, muscle and bone attachments, and immunity cells.

Looking for something to relax and revitalize you? Visit Liv Ayurveda for Ayurveda relaxation therapies. We provide a wide range of spa treatments that are tailored to effectively refresh your mind and uproot your stress. Being a health centre, our experienced practitioners provide the best experience by choosing the oils and herbs.

Ayurveda Pain Clinic Sydney

Ayurveda Pain Clinic

Ayurvedic Fertility Treatment Sydney

Ayurvedic Fertility, Pregnancy And Postnatal Care

Suffering from a sudden spasm or a chronic pain? Visit Liv Ayurveda for Ayurveda remedial massages and holistic consultations to address your aches and pains. Pain is the response of the body to a deeper imbalance. And chronic pain even if it is mild, is a sign that you have dosha (humor/ functional factors) imbalances.

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases of life for the whole family. It is a long and joyous nine-month journey filled with so many expectations. With lots of changes that happen in the body to support the development of the baby, the pregnancy period can be challenging as well for the mother.

Ayurveda Education

Kerala Retreat With Ayurveda & Yoga


Ayurveda- one of the oldest forms of the health care system in the world- addresses prevention and treatment of diseases with equal importance. Ayurveda has two wings; the regimes for healthy (Swastta vritta) and the regimes for ill (Atura vritta). Swasta vritta explains how to take care of yourself on a daily basis.

Ayurveda was originally developed in India at least 5000 years back and Kerala, the southern state of India which is known as ‘The God’s Own Country’, is one of the states that didn’t lose the continuity of growth and practice of Ayurveda and widely practice Ayurveda even now.