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If healing is a journey, Ayurveda consultations are the steering of that journey. The root cause of any illness is the imbalance present in our body. Any deviation from health and wellness is an imbalance and needs attention and early correction to prevent later sufferings. Whether to boost your health or to heal from your ill health, Ayurveda has been helping people for thousands of years. Ayurveda is a way of living. It’s not about life long tablets or restricted lifestyle, but living in tune with your body and nature so that small subtle changes can help you go a long way. Understanding the physical, mental and emotional health is essential to take further steps in Ayurvedic treatment and Ayurveda consultations are the key to that.

Your consultation at Liv Ayurveda begins with filling in a detailed assessment form that involves a mind-body analysis (body type/ Prakruti) chart along with other details about your health, diet and lifestyle. As Ayurveda is highly individually tailored, a detailed assessment of your history of physical and mental health, diet and lifestyle is important to plan an effective Ayurveda treatment plan that helps to heal you at physical, mental and emotional level. Then you will be assessed via pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, nabhi and marma (vital points) assessment along with other traditional physical examinations.

Pulse diagnosis is an Eastern diagnostic tool that has been used for thousands of years to assess physical and mental health. Here our practitioners will assess the rate, rhythm, volume and location of your pulse. The pulse on three fingers creates a wave and an experienced practitioner reads that wave to confirm the body type, imbalance, doshas involved, energy and deeper metabolism. It helps to assess your Vata further, circulatory system, nervous system, energy and general well being.

Tongue diagnosis is another ancient tool used in an Ayurvedic consultation. Here colour of the tongue, discolorations, shape, size, coating, cracks and their location helps an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner to confirm the body type and imbalanced dosha. Tongue diagnosis specifically helps with gut, internal organs, spone, muscles, skin and general metabolism.

Marma (vital points) are the meeting point of various structures in the body. Ayurveda considers them as the seats of life. At Liv Ayurveda, as part of the consultations our skilled Ayurveda practitioners perform marma analysis (marma pareeksha) and Nabhi analysis (nabhi pareeksha). Marma analysis helps to assess that body part specifically. During your consultation, you will be regularly assessed for marma pareeksha of the face that helps with the analysis of Kapha, sinus and health of the upper body. Marma analysis of other parts of the body will be also performed as relevant to understand about your pain or discomfort deeply. Nabhi is the umbilicus, and is one of the most important marmas in the body that is related to digestion.

This thorough evaluation enables us to understand the root causes of your illness and which dosha needs to be balanced. After this, the details about your health will be explained and the Ayurveda treatment/ health plan will be explained and provided to you. The plan may include lifestyle and diet recommendations, diet chart, herbal medicines, massage therapies and/ or detox therapies (Pancha karma). In order to meet the varying needs of different people, an array of consultations are available at Liv Ayurveda. The duration and fees vary according to the type of consultation.

The consultations from Liv Ayurveda can be claimed from your private health fund. Contact us to know more details.


Initial Consultation

Initial consultation is the gateway to the world of Ayurveda. This is recommended for individuals who are suffering from health issues and are coming to Ayurveda for the first time. Initial consultation involves body type analysis, imbalance analysis through questionnaire, physical examination, pulse, tongue and marma diagnosis. Then your imbalance will be diagnosed and explained including the treatment plan. According to your health condition the treatment plan may be a short plan for a few days to weeks or a long term plan involving a systematic approach to your health condition considering your body and practical situation. The diet, lifestyle, massage therapies, detox treatments and/ or herbal remedies can be recommended as needed. At Liv Ayurveda, you will get an opportunity to contact our practitioners throughout your healing journey whenever you are struggling and/or feeling lost with your treatment plan.

with Rafeena Kidavintavida $99
With other practitioners $75

For clients who have a longer health history to share or need a longer time to discuss, longer sessions are available.

The consultations from Liv Ayurveda can be claimed from your private health fund. Contact us to know more details.

Quick consultation

Quick consultation is recommended for someone who has a good understanding regarding Ayurveda lifestyle and their body type, and not interested in an hour-long consultation. Here, after assessing your health condition, an Ayurveda treatment plan will be recommended including herbal remedies, massage treatment and detox therapies. Even though there is not much time to discuss regarding your diet and lifestyle, important aspects of diet and lifestyle will also be mentioned.

with Rafeena Kidavintavida $66
With other practitioners $49

For clients who need longer time to discuss, longer sessions are available.

The consultations from Liv Ayurveda can be claimed from your private health fund. Contact us to know more details.

Follow up consultations are the review appointments to assess the progress and recommend any changes needed. Typically, in the initial consultation, our Ayurvedic practitioners will recommend a follow-up consultation within a few days to weeks time. During the first follow up session, we’ll assess whether the treatment plan has bettered your health and any changes in the dose or plan is needed. In case of chronic diseases, Ayurveda treatment will be planned in a systemic way through different stages like reducing inflammation (ama-hara), improving gut and metabolism (deepana-pachana), detox (pancha karma), rejuvenation (rasayana) and so on. During the follow up, as you improve, the changes in the treatment will be made and the treatment will be recommended accordingly. Also, you could shoot any questions or address any concerns you have. Follow-up consultation wouldn’t take as much time as it’s taken for an Initial consultation since the identification of body type and dosha imbalance is not needed. Usually, first follow up consultation is recommended in a couple of weeks time and later follow-ups in a few weeks time.

with Rafeena Kidavintavida $66
With other practitioners $49

For clients who need longer time to discuss, longer sessions are available.

The consultations from Liv Ayurveda can be claimed from your private health fund. Contact us to know more details.

Lifestyle Consultation

Health is the complete well being of your body, mind, emotions and spirit. The right lifestyle can help you keep mental and physical ailments at bay and boost your health. As per Ayurveda, one should follow a lifestyle which is appropriate for his/her Prakriti (mind-body type) or else it paves the way for illnesses. If an individual often gets sick, then the underlying reason might be the imbalanced lifestyle. Lifestyle consultation would be ideal for such people. Are you one among them? Then it’s high time for you to get a Lifestyle consultation from our experienced Ayurvedic practitioners at Liv Ayurveda. During lifestyle consultation, we assess your body type (prakruti) and recommend diet, lifestyle including exercise and other Ayurveda care plans for you. Lifestyle consultation empowers you to understand your health and change your habits accordingly.

$77(40 minutes)

The consultations from Liv Ayurveda can be claimed from your private health fund. Contact us to know more details.

Diet Consultation

Improper diet plays an important role in disturbing the dosha balance of our body which in turn brings diseases and illnesses. Sometimes what you think is healthy for you may not be ideal for your body type and digestive power (for example salad for Vata body type), thus causing problems. That is why we provide Ayurvedic diet consultation at Liv Ayurveda. Our experienced practitioners analyse your body type (prakruti) and digestive power (Agni) and recommend a nutritious diet plan that will help you attain better physical and mental health. Apart from telling you what to eat and what not to eat, we also advise you on how much you should eat and the right time to consume the food. Diet consultation is apt for those who are struggling with gas, bloating, constipation, energy and well being. It is needed for people who are suffering from obesity, diabetes, excessive fatigue, digestion problems, skin issues, etc. If you have a health condition, the initial consultation is ideal as that involves a comprehensive approach to your condition. However, if you are interested only in diet or you want to know more about diet, you can go with a diet consultation. Even if you don’t have any illness but want to follow a healthy diet, our Ayurvedic diet consultation can help you.

$77(40 minutes)

The consultations from Liv Ayurveda can be claimed from your private health fund. Contact us to know more details.

Body type consultation

Learned about Ayurveda body type (Prakruti) and struggling to determine your body type? Well, come to experts. Our skilled practitioner can help you to assess your body type. Apart from assessing, you will be provided with a lifestyle, diet and Ayurveda personal care plan that suits your body type. If you have any existing health conditions, it is recommended to begin with an initial consultation.

$77(40 minutes)

The consultations from Liv Ayurveda can be claimed from your private health fund. Contact us to know more details.

Detox consultation

Detox consultation is recommended for someone who is planning Ayurveda detox whether its plan of the Ayurveda treatment plan for you or its for your annual cleansing (Pancha karma please tag panchakarma page here ) . During detox consultation, our skilled Ayurveda practitioner will recommend the Panchakarma plan that’s ideal for you. As Panchakarma can be elaborate at many times, considering your practical situations, we will recommend you a plan B and C so that you can make a decision considering different aspects. Then the practitioner will explain the preparations needed including herbal remedies, internal lubrication, diet changes and so on. Thinking about doing a panchakarma for a long time? Book a detox consultation with us now, and begin the process.

$77(40 minutes)

The consultations from Liv Ayurveda can be claimed from your private health fund. Contact us to know more details.

Virtual Consultation / Video Call Consultation

Not possible to physically come to our clinic for the consultation? Worry not! We are available online too, thanks to technology. At Liv Ayurveda, we provide virtual consultation through which we’ll talk with you online by a video call. Though it’s online, it will feel like a normal consultation since we ask similar questions and follow the similar assessment procedure which we do in a typical consultation. Your body type and the imbalance will be identified and we’ll recommend appropriate treatments, diets, and ayurvedic herbal medicines. Cost and duration depend upon the type of consultation you are looking for.



We check the strength, frequency and rhythm of the pulse. This enables us
to get a big picture of your dosha and the imbalance. This will also give
us insight into your heart and other vital organs.


Dosha imbalance can cause changes to the stature and colour of your eyes. During this assessment, we check the shape, colour, and moistness of your eyes. Different characteristics of the eyes denote different dosha types and the imbalance.


Evaluation is one other vital diagnosis in Ayurveda. Here we examine the colour, shape, texture and coating of the tongue from which we ascertain the state of your digestive system.


We feel your skin to check the dryness, presence of oil, roughness and temperature. This will give us information regarding your mucus status and nutritional and mineral features of our body.


Nails also suggests the presence of Vata, Pitta or Kapha. Our practitioner assesses your nails and keeps a note of the shape, length, thickness, and strength of your nail. Nails help the practitioner to assess your mineral status.

Mind-Body type

Ayurveda understands the difference among individuals as the mind-body type known as Prakruti. It is important to tailor your health care and treatment plans according to your body type.


Marma (vital points) are the meeting points of various structures in the body. They are considered as the seats of life and analysing them helps to understand the severity of the health condition.


Nabhi is the umbilicus and one of the most important vital points in the body. Assessing nabhi helps to understand digestion and muscular health better.


You can book your appointment either via call or through our website by filling the booking form. You are required to reach 15 minutes prior to the appointment and fill a form. Also, ensure you take your medical file and previous prescriptions if any.

The duration of the consultations are approximate