Yoga and meditation

Originated during the Indus valley civilization in South Asia, Yoga aims at fostering peace and harmony within an individual. Yoga and Ayurveda share the same philosophy and principles and go hand in hand. In fact, they are considered as sister sciences. Practising Yoga can boost your physical well-being and mental wellness. Meditation and mindfulness practices are essential for mental health in this contemporary world. At Liv Ayurveda, we offer individual one to one and group Yoga sessions, Yoga therapy and meditation for all age groups.

Yoga means union; union of mind and body, union of self and universe and union of self with present. It is an integral part of daily living and focuses to bring harmony, strength, peace, joy, mindfulness and awareness. Yoga is considered as a way for spiritual liberation.

Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Yoga and Meditation, an integral part of Ayurveda, is ideal for those who desire for a stress-free mind and a relaxed body. Ayurveda, which focuses on balancing the body, mind and spirit of individuals, considers Yoga and Meditation as a vital tool for balancing mind. Throughout the history of time, Yoga and Meditation have been extensively practised in Indian Subcontinent for higher peace and general well-being. And in today’s contemporary world as well, as people feel stressed and stimulated quite often, practice of Yoga becomes even more important. Meditation is an important part of Yoga, not separately. Lately, meditation is mentioned separately from yoga as some consider Yoga just as a physical exercise where as others prefers to emphasise the importance of meditation.

Yoga Class Parramatta, Sydney

How to approach Yoga

Yoga offers a system of self-care and well-being leading to ultimate spiritual liberation. According to Paranjali, the author of Yogasutra- one of the most sought-after traditional book in Yoga- Yoga has 8 limbs known as Ashtanga yoga. (Ashta means eight and Anga means limbs)

Pratyahara Yoga Sydney
Pratyahara (sensory withdrawal)60px

The practice of Yoga begins from keeping some social values. These values help you to be non-guilty.

Niyama Yoga Sydney
Niyama/ Self-discipline

Yoga is a way of living, and practicing Niyama will support you to practice Yoga daily and with focus and dedication.

Asana Yoga Sydney
Asana/ Body postures

This is the most popular element of Yoga lately. The purpose of Asana is to make the body firm and strong, so that one can focus on higher purposes of life.

Yama Yoga Sydney

The practice of Yoga begins from keeping some social values. These values help you to be non-guilty and calmer. It will give you the clarity and awareness to practice Yoga.

Pranayama Yoga Sydney
Pranayama/ Breathing exercise

Prana means breath and ayama means controlling. Pranayama means breathing exercise and is a stepping.

Dharna Yoga Sydney
Dharana (Concentration)

Dharana is the practice of focusing on a single object. It is the state of concentration. Dharana is attained by focusing your thoughts on a single object.

Dharna Yoga Sydney
Dhyana (meditation)

Dhyana means stillness of mind. It is the practice of concentrating on one object so that you and the object become one. It is the form of deep meditation.

Samadhi Yoga Sydney
Samadhi (Enlightenment)

It is the eighth limb of yoga and third part of Yogic meditation, where individual awareness dissolves and becomes part of the universal wisdom..

Streams of Yoga

Bhagavat Gita, the Hindu spiritual text mentions four streams for Yoga. Here Yoga means finding inner peace, self-actualisation and the union of individual with universal self.

Raja yoga: The path of discipline

The king of all Yoga (raja means king); this is the eight folded pathways for awakening as recommended by Patanjali as discussed

Bhakti Yoga: The path of devotion

Here inner peace is found by devotion to God. Devotion can be practiced via sravana (listening), Kirtana (praising), Smarana

Karma Yoga: The path of right actions

This is a path to self-actualisation by doing right things without expecting anything in return or being worried about the results

Jnana Yoga: The path of knowledge

This the path of knowledge. Here by seeking knowledge, and building awareness and consciousness, the enlightenment is

Yoga therapy consultation or One to One Yoga Session

Yoga Therapy is a modality drawing on the philosophies and practices of Yoga to address conditions of the body and mind.

The essential principal of Yoga Therapy
is that the body and mind is innately designed to function and support our existence. For example, the spine with its innate structure is designed to keep us upright and the mind is innately designed to think.

With certain demands and events in life and choices we make in lifestyle we can find ourselves under the influence of unnecessary external and internal stressors which over
time, if unaddressed, can manifest in the body and mind as permanent imbalances, namely conditions, inhibiting the innate functions of our bodily systems.

With Yoga Therapy we aim to remove the obstacles that get in the way of the body and mind functioning as they’ve been innately designed to.

Such imbalances differ from one person to the other and for this reason when you meet with our experienced Yoga therapist at Liv Ayurveda, together you will develop a plan to address your specific presenting circumstances that you can implement during return visits and/or by continuous practice, with a goal that overtime your body will return to function as it was innately designed to.

Duration 60 minutes
Coast : $90

Group Yoga classes at Liv Ayurveda

Struggling to feel calm? Feel stressed and tensed in the body and mind? At Liv Ayurveda, with experienced specialists, we provide traditional yoga and meditation sessions that typically last for 60-90 minutes. The sessions are comprised of stretching, therapeutic postures and breathing exercises which altogether helps in elevating the body and mind wellness. For a flexible body and relaxed mind, try Yoga and Meditation from Liv Ayurveda.

Group sessions are $12-25 per session. Duration: 60-90 min

Make an enquiry to know the timing and cost for your class.

Meditation Classes at Liv Ayurveda

Meditation classes are a great opportunity reset the mind and emotion, the energy from which will help you to go calm and focused for many coming days. It is also an opportunity to learn meditation techniques that works for you, and develop your individual practice that helps to maintain your calmness and wellbeing. At Liv Ayurveda, we offer one to one and group meditation classes that teach you to relax your body and mind. Classes are designed to give a holistic experience of calmness and contentment.

Duration 60 minutes
Group sessions: $12 per person
One to one session: $90 per session

Why Yoga And Meditation?

Betters metabolism

Reduces aches and pains

Improves heart rate

Improves the functioning of internal organs

Strengthens and tones muscles

Enhances body flexibility

Support healing

Harmonizes the body, mind and spirit.

Revitalizes the body and mind

Lowers blood pressure

Increases blood circulation

Helps to reduce stress and sleeplessness

Some Important Yoga Poses

Child Pose Yoga Sydney

Child Pose


Benefits: Helps in relieving neck, back and hip strain.

Downward-facing Dog Yoga Sydney

Downward-facing Dog

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Benefits: Stretches arms, stretches hamstrings, infuses the brain with fresh oxygen and relaxes the spine.

Staff Pose Yoga Sydney

Staff Pose


Benefits: Strengthens back and stretches thorax and shoulder.

Cobra Pose Yoga Sydney

Cobra Pose


Benefits: Strengthens back and stretches a range of areas like Abdomen, Thorax, Shoulder, Lung.

Tree Pose Yoga Sydney

Tree Pose


Benefits: Improves body balance, strengthens Vertebral column, Thigh, Calf, Ankle and stretches Thorax, Inguinal region, Thigh, Shoulder.

Triangle Pose Yoga Sydney

Triangle Pose


Benefits: Improves the strength of Knee, Thigh, Ankle and stretches an array of muscles – Thorax, Vertebral column, Knee, Inguinal region, Hip, Thigh, Hamstring, Calf, Ankle, Shoulder.

Bridge Pose Yoga Sydney

Bridge Pose

Bandha Sarvangasana

Benefits: Opens hip joints, improves spinal flexibility and stretches the neck, thorax and vertebral column.

Bow Pose Yoga Sydney

Bow Pose


Benefits: Enhances flexibility of spines and stretches Abdomen, Thorax, Inguinal region, Thigh, Ankle, Throat, Psoas major muscle and Front of the body.

Chair Pose Yoga Sydney

Chair Pose


Benefits: Tones leg muscles, improves the strength of hip flexors, ankle, back and calf, stretches chest and shoulders, stimulates various organs.