Jatharagni(Digestive fire)

This is the most important type of agni. It is located in the jathara (abdomen) and digests various types of foods and separates nutrients (rasa) and wastes (mala). Jatharagni can be in four forms based on its properties

Jatharagni – Digestive Fire


(Balanced agni)

Sama-agni occurs when all the doshas are in a balanced state and agni functions in its best form. As a result, the body is in a state of good health and the mind is calm and clear. The individuals with sama-agni enjoy balanced digestion, strong immunity and well-nourished ojas(essence of tissues). Sama-agni forms the foundation of your health and well-being.

Vishama Agni - Irregular metabolism


(Irregular metabolism)

Vishama-agni is associated with vitiated vata. The speed of digestion and peristaltic movements change randomly resulting in altered digestion. The most common symptoms of Vishama-agni are flatulence, colic pain, heaviness in stomach and upward movement of gas. Vishama-agni is one of the most common reasons for hernia, diverticulitis, etc.

Manda Agni – Hypometabolism



Manda-agni is associated with excess kapha. This excess kapha diminishes/ dilutes digestive fire (agni) making it sluggish and underactive. Manda-agni lowers the appetite and slows the metabolism resulting in bloating, discomfort and heaviness. Manda-agni is considered as the root cause of lifestyle disorders.

Teekshna Agni - Hypermetabolism



Teekshna-agni is associated with excess pitta. In this case, the nutrition burns off very fast and passes through the digestive tract very quickly. When this happens, the tissues do not get proper nutrition and get undernourished. Most of the auto immune disorders involve Teekshna-agni at some level in the body.