Pratyahara (sensory withdrawal)

Pratyahara is the first step of meditation. ‘Prati’ means ‘against’ and ‘ahara’ means something ‘that we take in”. Prtayahara is the practice of sensory withdrawal. Prtayahara is commonly practiced during Savasana or corpse pose. When someone is able to practice sensory withdrawal, that’s when they can progress to next limb of Yoga, dharana.

Pratyahara Yoga Sydney

Annamaya kosa: The layer of physical body

Pranamaya Kosa: The layer of energy

Manomaya kosa: the layer of mind

Vijnanamaya kosa: The layer of awareness

Ananadamaya kosa: The layer of bliss, feeling complete and content Yoga is the practice of advancing to higher sheets of being. During Pratyahara, the focus is on Manomaya kosa.