Asana/ Body postures

This is the most popular element of Yoga lately. The purpose of Asana is to make the body firm and strong, so that one can focus on higher purposes of life. There are thousands of asanas, that focuses on stretching, stimulating and/ or strengthening different parts of the body. Most of the time Asanas are referred as Yoga.

Asanas are a great form of physical exercise. They are very popular for maintaining shape and supporting in stiffness, aches and pains. Comparing from many other form of exercises, Asanas (popularly known as yoga) provides a good opportunity to tailor your exercise according to your individual needs. Some benefits of practicing Asanas are

Asana Yoga Sydney

*it can be done along with breathing exercise and meditation, making it unique package of self-care

*You don’t get tired easily

*Asanas can help to stimulate internal organs

*it can be done to balance your work needs

*Asanas can help to give good stretch to specific body parts/ muscles

*it can be tailored according to your body type

*it can be tailored according to your illness or injuries

Sun salutation (Surya namaskar):

Surya namaskar (Surya means Sun and Namaskar means Salutation) is a series of simple postures that can be easily made a part of your daily routine. Traditionally it is done in the

Pavana muktasana Series

Pavana means air, mukta means liberation and asana means posture. This is a series of postures that involves gentle movement of different joints, that aids in joint loosening, relaxing