Poorva Karma

The pre-procedural protocol consists of four main steps and these are to be done meticulously to achieve optimum results of the panchakarma done. The steps involved in poorvakarma are


(Internal processing of toxins with herbs)

The first stage of Pancha karma involves taking specific herbal preparations and making lifestyle and diet changes known as deepana and pachana. Deepana means rekindling digestion…



Lubrication is a great way to dislodge the micro toxins from the tissues. Here plant-based oil or animal fat is used to lubricate the body. Most of the time herbalised oils (oils/ ghee processed…


(Steam therapies)

After or along with lubrication, sweating is induced to prepare the body for Pancha karma. Ayurveda recommends thirteen different types of sweating procedures for different conditions, body…