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This is a case close to my heart as this is one of the first patients I treated after moving to Australia in 2013. Also, this is a typical example of how the holistic approach in Ayurveda helps to recover from complex symptoms with simple and natural measures.


Margaret, a lady in her late sixties came for the initial consultation after my therapist suggested her for an Ayurvedic assessment. She walked into the clinic for a massage as she was feeling so tired and stressed. Margaret also told that she faced a sudden onset of dizziness, double vision, anxiety and sleeplessness after returning from the UK (it was in July that year). She was affected so much that she was even fearful to step out of her home. For two weeks prior to approaching us, she visited different GPs and specialists ranging from Neurologist to Ophthalmologist to Psychiatrist to diagnose and get some relief.


From hearing about the problems she faced, we perceived that she was experiencing Vertigo. Margaret in her Vata years was suffering from Vata symptoms which might be due to her recent trip because the transition from extreme summer to peak winter can trigger Vata. (Learn more about Vata here). Adding to that, her pulse and tongue diagnosis confirmed Vata imbalance.


  • Vata pacifying herbs
  • Vata balancing diet and lifestyle
  • Abhyanga and steam to calm nerves and balance Vata
  • Margaret had one initial consultation, two follow-ups and 7 sessions of Abhyanga and steam.
  • Treatment cost: Below $1000
  • Duration: 8 weeks


Margaret felt better with anxiety, dizziness and other symptoms within a week. The double vision stopped completely which improved the quality of her life by 50%. By one month, she was free from all symptoms and was back to her normal and healthy life. After 2 months she stopped taking herbs as her condition was fully healed. Margaret became one of the firm believers and propagators of Ayurveda after this experience and made Ayurveda part of her life. She decided to take monthly follow-ups to improve her pre-existing anxiety and high blood pressure. Out of her satisfaction with the treatment, she also decided to take Abhyanga and steam every month to support her wellness.